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Shifts in plant dominance control carbon-cycle responses to experimental warming andwidespread drought

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  • carbon
  • climate
  • drought
  • vegetation
  • feedback
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  • John Harte4 1,2
  • Scott Saleska4 3
  • Tiffany Shih5 1
  • 1) Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA
  • 2) Author to whom any correspondence should be addressed
  • 3) Department of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology and Institute for the Study of Planet Earth, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA

Global climate change is predicted to increase the intensity and frequency of futuredrought, which in turn may be expected to induce a range of biogeochemical climatefeedbacks. Acombination of model simulations and observational studies of a recentwide-scale drought, suggested that the drought induced substantial terrestrial ecosystemcarbon loss, but hypothesized mechanisms could not be evaluated via comparison toa control. Here, we investigated carbon-cycle responses to climate changes bycombining results from a controlled 15-year ecosystem warming experiment inmontane grassland with observational data from before and during the recentdrought. We found that both experimental warming and real-world drought inducedsubstantial soil carbon loss in our study system, and that the same mechanism, adrying-induced shift in plant species composition and an associated decline in communityproductivity, provides a common explanation for these declines in soil carbon.

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Environmental Research Letters

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