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Biodiversity patterns from an individual-based competition model on niche and physicalspaces

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  • pattern formation (theory)
  • population dynamics (theory)
  • population dynamics (experiment)
  • interacting agent models
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  • H Fort 1
  • P Inchausti 2
  • 1) Complex Systems Group, Instituto de Fsica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la Repblica, Igu 4225, 11400 Montevideo, Uruguay
  • 2) C.U.R.E., Universidad de la Repblica, Burnett c/ Chiossi, Maldonado, Uruguay

We formulate a microscopic (individual-based and spatially explicit) ecological model toassess whether key patterns of community structure, species-packing and the spatialdistribution of species are robust to relaxing the mean-field approximation made in classicalecological models. In this model of community dynamics species compete both locally inphysical space and along a niche axis and it includes just two free parameters,, controlling the extent of competition in niche space, andt, the simulation time. This minimalistic model (1)reproduces with considerable accuracythe dynamic sequence of relative species abundances, biodiversity indices and speciesarearelationships that are empirically found in censuses of trees in a well-studied tropical forest;(2)shows that the clumpy pattern of niches leading to long-lasting species coexistenceobtained by classical competition models is robust to relaxing the mean-field assumption.Nevertheless species that are clumped in niche space are simultaneously spatiallysegregated.

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Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment

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