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The extraction and assay of soil trehalase

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  • Biological activity
  • Disaccharides
  • Hydrolytic enzymes
  • Methodology Soil enzymes
  • Soil organic matter
  • Trehalose l-glucohydrolase E.C. 3.21.28
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  • R. E. Smith 1
  • R. Rodriguez-Kabana 2
  • 1) Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, 47906, West Lafayette, Indiand
  • 2) Department of Botany, Plant Pathology, and Microbiology, Auburn University, Agricultural Experiment Station, 36849, Auburn, Alabama, USA

Trehalase is a specific enzyme for the hydrolysis of trehalose, a storage carbohydrate of insect and microbial species. The enzyme is of rare occurrence among higher plants. In cultivated soil, trehalase activity (Ta) was linearly related to both the amount of soil and assay incubation time. Ta increased sharply in response to substrate concentration over the range of 0 to 2% (w/v); higher substrate levels, however, showed a reduced rate of increase. Soil trehalase activity increased proportionally with increased incubation temperature over the range of 20 to 50°C but declined sharply at temperatures above 50°C. Ta was maximal at pH 5.0 when 0.5M acetate or propionate buffers were used; however, activity diminished with increased ionic strength of the buffer. Based on these findings, a standard assay method for Ta was developed. The enzyme was extracted from soil and eluted from a Sephadex G 200 column as high molecular weight organic matter. Treatment of the extract with beta-glucosidase reduced the molecular weights of the elution fractions exhibiting Ta.

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