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Vegetation study as a generator for population biological and physiological research on salt marshes

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  • Glacial refuge
  • Population dynamics
  • Salt marsh
  • Succession
  • Vegetation dynamics
  • Vegetation structure
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  • W. G. Beeftink
  • Delta Institute for Hydrobiological Research, Vierstraat 28, 4401 EA, Yerseke, The Netherlands

The paper deals with some views on the phytocoenose in relation to the functioning of vegetation and its plant-species populations in space and time. From these viewpoints the study of vegetation is seen as a field of tension between the organismic and reductionistic approaches. Both have their value, provided any dogmatism is avoided and either can be applied to the other. In the field of vegetation structure characteristic features of life-form spectra and species distribution, inversion phenomena in zonation, and community architecture in relation to production and decomposition are discussed. In this connection some remarks are made on habitat and niche differentiation with respect to the phytocoenose concept. Vegetation dynamics are discussed in relation to the introduction of Spartina anglica, the frequency of flooding by the tides, different environmental disturbances caused by heavy winter frost, rainfall and hot and dry periods, as well as to human interferences for agricultural and civil-technical purposes. It is suggested that salt-marsh plants may have found refuge areas in inland habitats as well as on more southerly coastal sites during glaciations.

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  • 4 - ecologie animale, vegetale et microbienne
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