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Evidence for two photoreceptors controlling growth in de-etiolated seedlings

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  • Blue light
  • Cucumis
  • Hypocotyl growth
  • Lactuca
  • Lycopersicon
  • Phytochrome
  • HIR : high irradiance reaction
  • Pfr : far red absorbing form of phytochrome
  • Pr : red absorbing form of phytochrome
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  • Brian Thomas 1
  • H. G. Dickinson 1
  • 1) Department of Botany, Plant Science Laboratories, University of Reading, Whiteknights, RG6 2AS, Reading, U.K.

The effect of blue light on hypocotyl extension in de-etiolated seedlings of lettuce, cucumber and tomato was investigated under conditions which precluded the involvement of phytochrome. Small but highly inhibitory amounts of blue light were added to a high intensity background illumination from low pressure sodium lamps. A log-linear response for inhibition of hypocotyl extension against the blue light fluence rate was obtained for lettuce and cucumber, and inhibition in tomato was also related to the blue light fluence rate. The added blue light did not alter phytochrome photostationary state and its effect was independent of the total fluence rate. Growth inhibition by Pfr could be demonstrated in tomato and cucumber but not in lettuce. The results indicate that two photoreceptors may normally be involved in the control of seedling growth but their relative importance varies greatly between species.

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