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Estimation of the nutritional status of cereals by means of boundary nutrient concentration curves

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  • Milena Smetánková 1
  • J. Eisler 2
  • 1) Department of Plant Nutrition Diagnostics, Section of Plant Nutrition, Research Institute of Plant Production, Drnovská 507, 161 06, Praha 6-Ruzyně, Czechoslovakia
  • 2) Design Institute of Traffic and Civil Structures, Praha

Data point fields of values of the dependence of nitrogen and potassium concentration in shoot dry matter on dry matter weight in the course of the vegetation cycle at four stages of development of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L. cv. Ametyst) plants were derived from a four-year-cycle of stationary field nutrition experiments at two localities. Three selection procedures of the boundary data are described. Graphical outputs and their subsequent mathematical expression enable an objective construction of regressive upper and lower boundary curves of the data point fields. The shape of the curves is characteristic of each investigated element. The position of the upper boundary curve can characterize the maximum uptake ability, that of the lower curve the maximum efficiency of utilization of absorbed nutrients, and their amplitude the requirement extent of the species or cultivar investigated. The boundary curves can be objectively constructed for individual nutrients from a sufficiently vast set of data from a very broad spectrum of ecological conditions (for example from stationary field nutrition experiments at various localities).

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