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Physiological, morphological, and growth responses of Platanus occidentalis seedlings to flooding

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  • Adaptation
  • Adventitious roots
  • Ethylene
  • Flooding
  • Growth of seedlings
  • Lenticels
  • Platanus occidentalis
  • Stomatal aperture
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  • Z. C. Tang 1
  • T. T. Kozlowski 1
  • 1) Department of Forestry, University of Wisconsin, 53706, Madison, Wisconsin

Flooding ofPlatanus occidentalis L. seedlings for up to 40 days induced several changes including early stomatal closure, greatly accelerated ethylene production by stems, formation of hypertrophied lenticels and adventitious roots on submerged portions of stems, and marked growth inhibition. Poor adaptation ofPlatanus occidentalis seedlings to soil inundation was shown in stomatal closure during the entire flooding period, inhibition of root elongation and branching, and death of roots. Some adaptation to flooding was indicated by (1) production of hypertrophied lenticels which may assist in exchange of dissolved gases in flood water and in release of toxic compounds, and (2) production of adventitious roots on stems which may increase absorption of water. These adaptations appeared to be associated with greatly stimulated ethylene production in stems of flooded plants. The greater reduction of root growth over shoot growth in flooded seedlings will result in decreased drought tolerance after the flood waters recede. The generally low tolerance to flooding of seedlings of species that are widely rated as highly flood tolerant is emphasized.

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