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Influence of climatic factors upon tree rings of Larix decidua and L. decidua × L. kaempferi from Pulawy, Poland

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  • Dendrochronology
  • Larch
  • Latewood
  • Earlywood
  • Climatic factors
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  • Jacek Oleksyn 1
  • Harold C. Fritts 2
  • 1) Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Dendrology, Parkowa 5, PL-62-035, Kornik, Poland
  • 2) Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, The University of Arizona, 85 721, Tucson, AZ, USA

Dendroclimatological techniques are used to assess the impact of climatic factors on tree-ring width of Larix decidua and L. decidua × L. kaempferi (= L. x eurolepis) growing in two experimental plots established in 1914 in south-west Poland. One plot included F1 progeny grown from seeds of an artificial crossing between European and Japanese larch. The other plot included progeny from maternal trees of European larch. Total ring width, earlywood width and latewood widths were dated, standardized and related to monthly climatic data using response function and stepwise multiple regression analyses. Wide rings in larch are associated with high precipitation in May–July, cool conditions in July–September of the preceding year, and cool dry conditions in August. Ring widths in L. x eurolepis are more dependent upon precipitation than ring widths in L. decidua. Latewood widths in L. x eurolepis are more dependent on high temperatures in June and July than latewood in L. decidua as well as total width and earlywood measurements. Variations in latewood were relatively independent of variations in earlywood and total wood. The variability of ring widths in these larches was greater than the variability reported for larches in many alpine sites and for other conifer species in some regions of North America.

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