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Comparisons of techniques for ordinating and classifying old-growth floodplain forests in Southern Illinois

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  • Classification
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Floodplain forest
  • Indirect gradient analysis
  • Ordination
  • Principal component analysis
  • Reciprocal averaging
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  • Philip A. Robertson
  • Department of Botany, Southern Illinois University, 62901, Carbondale, IL, U.S.A.

Comparisons are made among the responses of several ordination and classification techniques using a set of 136 plot samples from a diverse old-growth bottomland forest in Southern Illinois. Of the ordination techniques evaluated (PO, PCA, GO and RA), RA provided the most interpretable ordering of species and samples. The RA plot ordination was divided into three segments which correspond to major vegetation units within the study area itself and more broadly within the Southern Floodplain Forest Region. Among the classification techniques used (MINFO, MDISP and CLUSTER), MINFO produced plot clusters and species groupings which are similar to those identified by RA. Classification techniques that assume strict linearity among species or samples, that is those using the correlation coefficient or standard distance similarity measures, are less satisfactory in terms of their ability to recover informative and interpretable patterns from the data set than those techniques using logarithmic terms. Discriminant analysis was used to interpret the plot groups using various environmental variables as predictors This approach successfully provided an environmental interpretation of the group structure as identified by RA and other classification techniques. The vegetation patterns in the old-growth woods at Horseshoe Lake appear to be influenced by a complex flooding-aeration gradient.

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