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The trophic state of Lake Ladoga as indicated by late summer phytoplankton

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  • phytoplankton
  • trophic state
  • intercalibration
  • Lake Ladoga
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  • Anna-Liisa Holopainen 1
  • Pertti Huttunen 1
  • Galina I. Letanskaya 2
  • Elena V. Protopopova 2
  • 1) Karelian Institute, Section of Ecology, University of Joensuu, P.O. Box 111, FIN-80101, Joensuu, Finland
  • 2) Institute of Limnology, Academy of Sciences, Sevastyanov Street 9, 196199, St. Petersburg, Russia

As a part of the joint Russian-Finnish evaluation of human impact on Lake Ladoga, we studied the phytoplankton of the lake in order to find biological indicators for eutrophication. A second aim of the investigation was intercalibration of sampling and phytoplankton counting techniques between the Russian and Finnish laboratories. Phytoplankton samples were collected from 27 sampling stations in the lake and from the rivers Volkhov and Neva in 9–13 August 1993. In surface water samples the phytoplankton fresh weight biomass varied in the range 218–3575 mg m−33. Highest biomass values were encountered in Sortavala Bay, and lowest ones in the western central part of the lake. Phytoplankton species composition varied considerably in the lake; blue-green and green algae predominated near-shore areas and Cryptophyceae in the offshore stations. Canonical correspondance analysis revealed close grouping of eutrophy indicating communities, dominated mainly by greens and blue-greens, in the most nutrient-rich parts of Lake Ladoga, the Volkhov and Svir Bays. Samples from the vicinity of the inflows of Vuoksi and Burnaya Rivers and off Pitkaranta formed a separate group, dominated by diatoms, most of which were typical to mesotrophic or eutrophy lakes. As judged by phytoplankton biomass values and chlorophyll a concentrations, Lake Ladoga may generally be classified as mesotrophic. Eutrophicated areas are found in the northern archipelago of the lake and in the areas influenced by large rivers.

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