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Wisconsin desmids. I. Aufwuchs and plankton communities of selected acid bogs, alkaline bogs, and closed bogs

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Springer (journals)
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  • Aufwuchs
  • Plankton communities
  • Desmidiaceae
  • Alkaline bogs
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  • William J. Woelkerling
  • Department of Botany, University of Wisconsin, 53706, Madison, Wisconsin

Data are presented for 28 acid bogs, five alkaline bogs, and 12 closed bogs in Wisconsin with respect to the summer composition of the aufwuchs and plankton ccommunities, the relative importance of desmids in these communities, and the structure of aufwuchs communities associated with different macrophyte hosts. Generic diversity of desmids is highest in acid bogs and lowest in alkaline bogs and generally is greater in the aufwuchs community than in the plankton community at a given site. Whenever it was present, the greatest diversity occurred in association with the macrophyte host Utricularia. Among lakes of a given type, relationships between the occurrence of desmid genera and parameters of the chemical environment were not apparent for either the aufwuchs or plankton communities. Similarly, no clear-cut distinctions occur in the desmid communities of the three lake types in terms of population densities and percentage contribution to the total population, but acid bogs tend to have a somewhat more prominent flora quantitatively. Statistically significant differences in desmid population densities from one host to another within a given lake did occur in lakes of all three types, and this suggests that the nature of the substrate can definitely influence community size and composition. Data for other algal groups are similarly treated, and brief comparisons of the mat and open water communities of alkaline bogs are included.

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