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Report of a travel to the Georgian SSR 1981 for the collection of indigenous material of cultivated plants

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  • Rusudan K. Beridze 1
  • Dr. Peter Hanelt 2
  • Dr. Joachim Kruse 2
  • 1) Department of Cultivated Flora, Institute of Botany, Academy of Science of the Georgian SSR, Tbilisi, USSR
  • 2) Zentralinstitut für Genetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung, Corrensstraße 3, 4325, Gatersleben, DDR

In summer 1981 a joint collecting mission went to mountainous regions of Western Georgia (Upper Svanetia and Upper Rača) in order to collect autochthonous material of cultivated plants. Altogether 236 accessions could be obtained, half of them being grain legumes and approximately one third different cereal crops. Gene-erosion is very advanced especially for wheats and other cereals but also for some grain legumes. A cultivation of the well-known endemic wheat species formerly distributed also in Rača could not be observed. For some garden crops especiallyPhaseolus vulgaris a bewildering genetic variability could be confirmed within the local material. The collection work should be continued. Some details of the accessions regarding botanical interest and breeding value have been outlined.

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