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Production and chlorophyll concentration of epipelic and epilithic algae in fertilized and nonfertilized subarctic lakes

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  • epipelic
  • epilithic
  • subarctic
  • lake fertilization
  • production
  • chlorophyll
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  • Susanna Björk-Ramberg 1
  • Claes Ånell 1
  • 1) Institute of Limnology, Box 557, 5-751, Uppsala, Sweden

The production and chlorophyll concentration of epipelic and epilithic algae was measured during four years (1972–1975) in two shallow, Swedish subarctic lakes. One lake (Lake Hymenjaure) was fertilized with phosphorus or a combination of phosphorus and nitrogen while the other (Lake Stugsjön) served as a reference. The benthic algae in both lakes were dominated by Cyanophyceae of the same species during the whole investigation. The chlorophyll concentration of epipelic and epilithic algae was 100 and 20 mg·m−2 respectively and fairly constant during the season. In 1974–1975 there was a significant increase in chlorophyll concentration of the benthic algae in Lake Hymenjaure, probably as a response to the poorer light climate in the lake due to a large phytoplankton development. The annual benthic production was 3.4–7.2 gC·m−2 and it was not enhanced by the fertilization. Compared to the other primary producers (phytoplankton and macrophytes) the benthic algae constituted 70–83% of the total production in Lake Stugsjön. In Lake Hymenjaure, however, the importance of the benthic algae decreased from 50 to 22% of the total due to the great increase in phytoplankton production induced by the lake fertilization.

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