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Vegetation dynamics in Brittany heathlands after fire

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  • Brittany
  • Fire
  • Healthland
  • Line intercept
  • Permanent plot
  • Succession
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  • B. Clément 1
  • J. Touffet 1
  • 1) Laboratoire d'Ecologie végétale, Université de Rennes, Complexe scientifique de Beaulieu, 35042, Rennes Cedex, France

The vegetation dynamics of heathlands in Brittany have been followed for three years in areas subject to fire in August 1976. The pre-fire vegetation had been analysed and mapped before its destruction. The structure of the community and the processes taking place in it (in terms of biomass, primary productivity, phenology, mineral nutrition and food value) had been examined. The redevelopment of the canopy was studied by the point-contact method along permanent line transects. This semi-quantitative study permits calculation of the relative frequency of each species and, from this, its cover. The growth form of each species and the stratification of the community are also indicated by this method. Permanent plots were also used to record changes in the vegetation, by means of a census of individuals and records of the development and growth strategy of each species. The plots were located in homogeneous areas, or on bare soil around seed parents in order to examine seed dispersal and seedling establishment. These two methods yielded detailed information on the nature of the secondary successions following fire in the heathlands of Brittany.

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