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Bud development and dormancy in slash and loblolly pine. I. Speed of budbreak and second year height as related to lifting date

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  • Pinus elliottii
  • Pinus taeda
  • survival
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  • Karen Gerhard Gagnon 1
  • Jon D. Johnson 2
  • 1) University of New Hampshire, U.S.A.
  • 2) Department of Forestry, University of Florida, 32611, Gainesville, Fl, U.S.A.

Slash and loblolly pine 1-0 seedlings were lifted from the nurserybed in late November, mid-December, late December, and mid-February. The buds of the seedlings were classified as set or growing two weeks prior to lifting and were re-examined upon lifting. For both species, buds that had set remained set whereas those that were classified as growing showed an decreasing trend of setting from November through December. A subset of seedlings was potted and maintained in a greenhouse to determine rate of budbreak; the remainder were field planted. In the greenhouse, loblolly pine broke bud fastest and slowest when lifted in mid-February and mid-December, respectively. The rate of slash pine budbreak increased over successive lifting dates. In the field, loblolly pine lifted in mid-December exhibited the highest percentage of growing seedlings; these seedlings were also tallest after one year in the field. Field-planted slash pine had the highest percentage of growing seedlings when lifted in late November. However, seedlings lifted in mid-December were tallest after one year.

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